Twin Creeks Men's Novice League

Winter 2001 Season


Xilinx II71--
Bud Bombers71--
Labor Connection532
Black Sheep443
Diamond Ballers354
Freedom Fighters265
Solectron Cutters087
Game Length
  Games are maximum of 70 minutes or 7 innings in length (whichever occurs first.)
Mercy Rules
  For the first four innings, there is a an inning limit of 7 runs scored; however the team that is trailing can score as many runs necessary to tie the game. After the fifth inning, the game ends if a team leads by 10 runs or more.
No Home Run Rule
  Any over the fence home runs will result in an out, and the opposing team will be awarded a run. If a second home run is hit, the opposing team is awarded two runs. On a third home run, three runs are awarded.
Location and Directions
Twin Creeks
969 Caribbean Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Take 101 or 237 towards Sunnyvale; exit and head north on Lawrence Expressway/Carribbean. The Twin Creeks Sports Complex is on the right, two stoplights past the 237.
Game Summaries
February 6, 2001
Xilinx II - 27
Bye Week - 9
Game Stats
February 13, 2001
Labor Connection - 29
Bye Week - 14
Box Score
February 27, 2001
Freedom Fighters - 13
Bye Week - 23
Box Score
February 27, 2001
Bye Week - 7
Solectron Cutters - 0
March 13, 2001
Bye Week - 14
Diamond Ballers - 2
Box Score
March 13, 2001
Bye Week - 10
Bud Bombers - 15
Box Score
March 20, 2001
Black Sheep - 10
Bye Week - 17
Box Score
March 27, 2001
Bye Week - 20
Xilinx II - 24
Box Score
April 3, 2001
Black Sheep - 21
Bye Week - 16
Box Score
Bye Week Roster
00Tom Trujillo
0Eric Ollila
2Brian Yee
6Gil Ho
7Ben Kumsakul
8Mike Kwan
11Amrish Amin
13Mike Anderson
22Andrew Fung
27Brian Sivitz
32Kathleen Stewart
56Dave Ogden
--Stan Chan
--James Israni
--Sherri Weeks
Player Stats
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