The Official Unsportsmanlike Football Rules


  To start up a franchise, each team owner must contribute $20 to the league.  
The first place team will be awarded 60% of the pot, the second place team will 
be awarded 25% of the pot, and the third place team will be awarded 15% of the pot.

  The season consists of 17 games.    Each week teams play head-to-head matches 
with other teams in the league.  The team that accumulates more fantasy points 
gets a win, and of course the team with fewer fantasy points gets a loss.  Ties 
will be allowed.  The team with the best record at the end of the season is the 
winner of the league; there will not be playoffs.

  A team consists of a total of 16 roster sports; 8 starters and 8 reserves.  
The starting 8 positions are:  
K ___________________
  The draft order for the first round will be determined randomly, but the second 
round will be conducted in the reverse order of the first round.  The order in the 
subsequent rounds will be continually reversed at the end of each round.  Therefore, 
in a three team league, the order would be as follows:  Round 1:  1st pick: Team 1, 
2nd pick: Team 2, 3rd pick: Team 3Round 2:  4th pick: Team 3, 5th pick: Team 2, 
6th pick: Team 1Round 3:  7th pick: Team 1, 8th pick: Team 2, 9th pick: Team 3  Each 
team will be awarded one selection per round and will draft in the order determined, 
selecting real-life NFL players that have not previously been selected by any other 
team in the league.  The draft consists of sixteen rounds, enabling team owners to 
fill their 16-man roster.
  The draft will begin on August 12 at 8:00AM PST and conclude on September 4 at 
11:00PM PST.  Each day, two-thirds of a round of drafting will take place.  One third 
will be drafting from 12AM-4PM; another third will draft from 4PM-12AM.  Selections 
must be emailed to the alias at   If you fail to make your 
pick at your appointed time, we will continually skip over ALL your picks until you 
decide to make your picks.  This rule will be strictly enforced!  For example, a team 
has the last pick on Tuesday and the first pick on Wednesday.  If Wednesday comes along, 
and that person has not made his Tuesday pick, we will skip over BOTH the Tuesday and 
Wednesday picks.  

  Teams may not exceed the roster limit, but players can be waived to make room for 
the signing of a free agent.  All unsigned players are considered free agents, but only 
those that are on NFL rosters can be claimed by a team.  Priority is initially determined 
by the reverse order of the 1st round draft.  But once a team signs a free agent, that 
team is given the least priority.  For example, if Team X had the 10th pick in a 10-team 
league, Team X would have the highest priority for free agent signings.  But once Team X 
signs a free agent, Team X would given the least priority and all the other teams would 
move up one spot.  If a team wishes to sign a free agent, the team owner must notify all the 
other teams in the league with an email message to the UFL alias.  Please date and time-stamp 
the message.  Other teams are given 48 hours to object to the request.  Teams can only 
object by attempting to sign the free agent.
  All trades must be approved by the commissioner.  This will prevent lopsided trades that 
benefit only one team.  In addition, all players must pass a physical before the trade will 
be approved.  A trade can be nullified if any players involved in the trade misses his next 
game due to injury.
  Changes to the starting lineup must be sent and time-stamped atleast a half an hour 
prior to the start of the first game of each week.  
  All transaction are subject to review by the commissioner.  If a team owner quits at any 
time, the team will be frozen, and none of the players on that team will be available for 
pick up.