Clarification:  This is not too clear in the 'Specifications'.  Players earn 1 point 
for every 10 yards rushing, for every 10 yards receiving, and for every 25 yards passing.  
This is what the "Yds to Qlfy" column means.

I am also adding additional Defensive categories. I don't think anyone will have an 
objection since no one has drafted a defensive team yet.  This will make defensive 
fantasy points based more on skill rather than luck (like falling on the football in 
the endzone).

Points Allowed:
0-6   -- 8 FP
7-13  -- 6 FP
14-20 -- 4 FP
21-27 -- 2 FP

Total Yards Allowed: 
less than 300 --  2 FP
less than 250 --  4 FP
less than 200 --  6 FP
less than 150 --  8 FP
less than 100 -- 10 FP
less than  50 -- 12 FP
Clarification: Each team needs to draft a starting defense (i.e. San Francisco 49ers).  
That defensive team earns fantasy points for your team by scoring touchdowns, forcing 
turnovers, accumulating sacks, and causing safeties.  See 'Specifications' for the exact 
number of fantasy points earned for each case.  Offensive and specialty TDs do not count 
for the defensive team.
The draft order has been sent out via email.  Also, our league schedule has been set.
The rules have been established.  Click on 'Constitution' to review the rules.  The draft 
will begin this Wednesday, August 12.
Our season will consist of a 17-game schedule where each week we go head-to-head against 
another team in our league.  The winner of the league is the team that finishes with the 
best record.